We guide brands through the design of their audio identities and the development of their musical territories

The audio style guide helps a brand’s identity shine

The creation of an audio style guide brings unity to the implementation of a sonic identity and can be used internally and/or by your agencies.

Sixième Son’s goal is to give each brand a coherent musical ecosystem. The audio style guide provides the map to this territory. This tool is designed to explain the different applications of the musical DNA and to teach users about the strategy behind it.

An emotional and functional tool to unite the organization

Sharing an audio identity strengthens the bond of belonging to a brand, especially for its first ambassadors, the employees themselves.

Celebrity blogger PV NOVA creates ringtones using the audio DNA designed by Sixième Son >>>

An audio tool that keeps evolving

An audio identity is created to last for years in order to add brand value by embodying the brand’s values

This musical creation evolves as the brand evolves while still remaining recognizable.

Full support in all aspects of the strategy, creation and execution

We help brands manage their musical strategies by guiding them through specific topics related to sound and music, including technical choices and legal questions.

At Sixieme Son, we don’t stop with strategy and creation. We help brands implement and expand their earprints and make the most of opportunities in the marketplace.

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