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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect May 25, 2018 and defines principles to respect when collecting, processing and saving personal data. It also guarantees people’s rights for personal data collection.

The current privacy policy aims to inform you on Sixième Son Communication’s practices (hereinafter “Sixième Son”) within the framework of data collection, use, and sharing personal data information that you are liable to communicate via the registration form and the current website https://www.sixiemeson.com.

I. Personal Data Collection 

The company collecting personal data is Sixième Son Communication.

Sixième Son Communication guarantees that your personal data :

  • is obtained and processed fairly and lawfully ;
  • is saved for lawful purposes ;
  • is strictly used in accordance with these purposes ;
  • is adequate, pertinent, and non-excessive with these purposes ;
  • is subject to necessary precautions to ensure security and privacy in hope of preventing damage, alterations, destruction or from being shared with a third party without your prior consent.

The data collected is your first and last name, email, as well as the log in information (date and hour of the first and last website access, pages viewed and for how long on the website).

Your personal data collection depends upon your capacity to provide the filled out contact registration form and the purpose is :

  • to share : e-mailing, newsletters, business prospects ;  
  • to analyze the market data
  • to send IT and computer maintenance requests to third party providers

The data collected is saved for a three-year period.

After that period, all data collected will automatically be deleted except if you exercise your right to delete before or if a longer period of time is imposed under a legal or regulatory disposition. 

II. Personal Data Recipients

The data collected can be sent to our service providers, computer providers and IT within the framework of our current privacy policy.

The contractors and sub-contractors are obliged to respect the privacy policy and must use the data in compliance with the GDPR regulations in accordance with the aforementioned purposes.

Sixième Son is subject to share your personal data with other Sixième Son entities’ within the framework of the current privacy policy.

Sixième Son is subject to share personal data with third parties when legally obligated to do so or if this information is necessary to answer a formal complaint, with respect to a legal demand, in case of emergency that threatens public health or a person’s physical integrity, within the framework of an investigation or to guarantee rights, property, and security of Sixième Son. Sixième Son may share personal data with third parties within the framework of purchasing all or a portion of the assets by the third party.

III. Your Rights

In accordance with the applicable data protection laws, you have several rights.

Your right of access : the right to be provided with a copy of your personal data by Sixième Son.

Your right to rectification : the right to require us to correct any mistakes in your data or to complete your information.

Your right to be forgotten: the right to require us to delete your personal data — in certain situations.

Your right to oppose the processing at any time of your personal data in marketing or processing carried out.

Your right to restrict processing of your personal data.

You reserve the right to put in place opposition guidelines for your personal data after death.

Please note that upon exercising these rights in writing with a valid signed copy

of an identity card sent via email to the following email rgpd@sixiemeson.com or via mail to the following address Sixième Son Communication – personal data management – 4, rue Scipion 75005 Paris.

For Sixième Son to answer your request within a reasonable timeframe, it needs to be clear, precise, and justified. Sixième Son reserves the right to not answer any abusive demands.

You also have the right to contact and lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority (https://www.cnil.fr) and the right to seek damages with the court.

IV. Security

Your personal data is processed securely.

Sixième Son has implemented security and technical measures to protect your personal data against all unauthorized loss, theft, damage, cyber-attack, and virus.

Sixième Son ensures all external contractors and subcontractors have the correct regulatory security measures in place in line with the GDPR code.

V. Personal Data Transfer

Sixième Son stores personal data that we collect within the European Union. Your personal data is subject to be transferred outside of the European Union and in particular the United States. Sixième Son guarantees that the processing and transfer of data outside of the EU is regulated by the European Commission legal structure and meets the privacy policy regulations by requiring a minimum level of protection for privacy and fundamental human rights.    

VI. Targeted Advertising and e-mails

With your prior consent, Sixième Son can use the personal data collected with the purpose of generating business, in form of newsletters, event invitations or other forms of communication.

You can unsubscribe, at any time, by clicking on the unsubscribe link found in all Sixième Son communication or by contacting Sixième Son at the following email found in Article X below.

VII. Hypertext Links

Sixième Son Communication’s website contains links to other websites managed by third parties. Sixième Son Communication is not responsible for this website content and physical or moral damage that this content can cause.

VIII. Cookies

A “cookie” is an information sequence, generally a small text file identified by name, that can be transmitted to your browser from a website you click-on. Your Internet browser will save this information for a fixed period of time, and send it to the web server each time you re-connect. Cookies have many purposes : they can memorize your client login on a retail website, your items in the cart, a login that traces your browsing for statistical or advertising purposes, etc.

Using the Sixième Son website is liable to install cookies on your internet browser

Sixième Son Communication is liable to use Cookies to :

  • save your login information ;
  • save your preferences ;
  • monitor traffic .

We recommend that you do not disable cookies, they are strictly necessary for the website to function because this would prevent you from using the available services of the Sixième Son website.

You can easily disable and/or delete cookies from your computer by managing your browser settings.

IX. Privacy Policy Modification

Sixième Son Communication reserves the right to modify, at any time, the present privacy policy.

X. Contact Sixième Son Communication

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or data processing at Sixième Son Communication, you may contact us via email at rgpd@sixiemeson.com or by mail at the following address : Sixième Son Communication – personal data management 4, rue Scipion 75005 Paris.