Pompidou Center

A modern melody

Emblematic venue for modern and contemporary art


The Pompidou Center is an iconic venue for modern and contemporary art. In the spirit of innovation, they chose to leave old-fashioned museum audio guides behind and instead, let visitors guide themselves via a unique podcast experience.

Thus, we created the Pompidou Center sonic identity for all their podcast series.

The podcasts provide an intimate and immersive way to move about the museum, requiring that the musical support be equally personal.
But the venue also required environmental sound to convey its unique personality in the public spaces.

Sonic identity

Sixième Son created a stand-out, playful and immersive sound universe born in the familiar emblems of the Pompidou Center: the unique architectural exterior with its colorful exposed ductwork as well as the unique art masterworks in its interior.

Timeless and universal, the distinct Pompidou sonic identity encompasses the dialogue between big ideas and small touches, French visitors, those who’ve traveled from the ends of the earth… Or for those who can do so virtually!


Today the sounds that begin and end the immersive audio tours are picked up again and refashioned to give their events both a familiar and refreshed sound.

No longer do visitors have to follow a prescribed path, they can pause in any area and listen to its audio experience surrounding the soundscape of the brand.

For a series of themed events centered around the Pompidou podcasts, called Sonic Nights, Sixieme Son designed a themed and branded sonic experience for the museum’s iconic escalators, called the «caterpillars».

The overarching theme for a recent series of Sonic Nights accentuated the link between art and feminism – a mix of electronic and pop culture sounds, clips from ads, films, iconic speeches and feminist interviews – all woven with the iconic sounds of this unique building and its collection.



Michael BoumendilPresident & Chief Creative Director
Laurent CochiniManaging Director
Vincent TurbéSenior Art Director
Alexis Mangou – Music Design