It is the first time, a cultural institution like the Paris Philharmonic has implemented a sonic identity. Creating such a piece was a first for Sixième Son, too.

Listen as sound of an audience’s applause transforms into the lift-off of a flock of birds. That’s the new audio signature for the Paris Philharmonic, an iconic building whose roof-tiles resemble birds on the wing.

The private life of a public space

The musical identity for the iconic building suggests its life behind the scenes. Honoring the hard work of practices and rehearsals, the sounds of instruments being tuned, the hurried footsteps of a performer heading to a session, the quiet rustle of the orchestra assembling, the sound evokes the corridors and practice rooms that are as much a part of the building’s life as is its performance space.

At the same time the sonic vocabulary avoids conveying any particular musical style. Though atonal, it’s designed to ascend. The sound moves from deeper to higher registers, from highly eclectic to hints of rhythm and melody.

Today, the music uses its subtle magic to enhance the Paris Philharmonic’s hallways, announcements, films and customer-service lines. Watch and, especially, listen to the video that unveiled it.

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