The Transform Awards North America 2018 awarded excellence in rebranding and brand strategy. This autumn, Tegna won with Sixieme Son the award for the “Best use of Audio Brand” in North America.

Tegna is a broadcast, digital media and marketing services company that owns and operates over 46 locally autonomous TV stations.
They realized their audiences were consuming media on mobile screens more often that on TVs and in 2017, they completed a visual rebranding, designed for mobile first, not the traditional way. Hence, its look is clean and dynamic.
But the traditional news music characterized by big orchestras, trumpets and trombones, no longer fit with the crisp and animated new graphics. The music needed to move into fresher, cleaner and more contemporary territory.

The assignment

Communicate the following core aspects of the brand.
• Community-oriented
• Clean, curated and focused
• Audience-centric
• Forward-looking
But above all the brand is anchored in localism, the research done by Tegna indicated that core value of the brand is COMMUNITY.
The clients were open to a real leap, not an incremental solution…

The solution

A clear and human new audio universe was created. The signature sound captures the spirit of community that characterizes the Tegna brand. To bring out the sense of community, human sounds like clapping, voices, and snapping weave through the compositions. It also stands out as cleaner and less emotionally manipulative that the typical music style in the news category. Every aspect of the news got its own composition: weather, traffic, breaking news, disasters, politics, medical, environmental, general sports and specific sports, like hockey and baseball.
The compositions ranged from short signals to opens, alerts, transitions, bump-ins and bump-outs and audio beds.

“We went non-traditional with the music. It’s a street sound that includes the sound of human instruments, such as clapping, stomping or human voices. As one of our marketing directors said, ‘it puts a lot of soul into a soulless category.’ [Our new sound] reflects the humanity of our journalists and the stories we tell.”

MEREDITH CONTE, Marketing Director

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