Test your skills, and see if you can match the sounds to the meanings in the audio logos

In audio branding, the word “mnemonic” signals that your goal is simply to leave a memory trace, and that’s not enough to build a brand relationship.

“Sting,” is another word people use for an audio sign-off. It conveys that you’re hoping to snag attention. Again, it’s a poor relation to an audio logo.

To get the most from your sonic signature, you need to catch attention, imprint a memory and, most important, to convey the brand’s values. The earprint you leave should tell the audience why they would want to enter a relationship with the brand.

That’s why “logo” is the word that captures it. 

A detour to visual logos makes the point.  Without words, these logos help you “read” Coca-Cola’s refreshing dynamism and IBM’s solid reliability. So do the colorful logos for São Paulo and Hawaii.

You don’t need a handbook to understand the symbolism in the colors, shapes, typefaces with which we associate their brands. They present their meanings at a subconscious level.

São Paulo’s logo explodes with vitality and diversity, while Hawaii’s captures the presence of water and promises calmer set.

Similarly, you can understand the symbolism in audio logos – even when you’re not actively listening.

Listen to how clear the values can be >>  The audio logo test 


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