Rising to the podium were AXA and Renault which won the Gold

On September 20th, two Sixième Son audio identity systems picked up prizes at the International Sound Awards in Hamburg.  For the first time, neither were for original audio brands. Instead, they were awarded for extensions of audio brands that the agency created in the past.

The Renault prize specifically celebrated an important segment of the Renault sonic brand architecture: Renault Sports. This sound reflects the Renault audio identity but brings in its own sensation of muscular speed. This segment to the brand audio territory could be called Passion for Life and Speed. It echoes to the thrilling world of racing and Renault’s vision for innovation, extreme accuracy and performance.
Applause all around for creativity, innovation and flexibility within the structure of an audio branding system.

The AXA prize spoke to a brand evolution, which kept elements of the original, created in 2007 but added a new, warmer feeling. The new generation of the AXA audio branding system finds its roots in a concept Sixième Son created when AXA needed an audio identity that conveyed the strength of AXA leadership and its capacity to “Redefine Standards”.

The new generation keeps a part of the specific texture designed in 2007 system but is now focusing on AXA ability to be attentive, available and reliable. To add more humanity and caring, Sixième Son introduced a more acoustic and warm approach. A very unusual vocal design makes the AXA personality more engaging and brings it closer to people. It, finally, shows that a strong leading brand can be powerful and still be capable of empowering its customers.

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