A winning international strategy

After Europe (Paris / Barcelona / Moscow), the United States (New York / Chicago) and Canada (Toronto), the agency keeps growing by establishing its expertise in sonic branding in Australia.

The agency continues its worldwide tour

Meeting this new challenge in a country where branding and entertainment culture is paramount was self-evident for the agency’s CEO, Michael Boumendil: “With our presence in Australia, Sixième Son is setting foot on a third continent, giving a new dimension to our international ambitions. We also demonstrate once again our ability to understand specific issues and respond effectively to them.”
As the pioneering agency in audio identity and musical design, with nearly 25 years’ experience working with brands, Sixième Son thus consolidates its leadership on a worldwide scale.

A bold collaboration

The implementation of Sixième Son occurs simultaneously with the signing of an unprecedented collaboration with ARN (Australian Radio Network), a massive player in radio, entertainment and content creation for brands. Sixième Son will work closely with SONIC, the ARN department dedicated to innovation in audio entertainment.

ARN connects its customers with more than 5 million Australians every week. The group was therefore able to see that local brands needed more than ever powerful sounds to emerge. ARN customers and Australian brands in general lacked expertise in sonic branding. Sixième Son has a unique know-how and an unparalleled experience. The two entities have therefore decided to enter into this partnership.

“We couldn’t have chosen a better partner than Sixième Son. Its unique expertise and spectacular experience combined with ARN’s in-depth knowledge of the Australian market will give brands in this country a significant competitive advantage. Through this collaboration, ARN will boost brands with new energy by offering them unique sound experiences.”

EMMA-JAYNE OWENS, ARN’s Chief Commercial Officer

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