In 2012, FDJ faced a flood of new competition from online gaming. Realizing they had to distinguish their portfolio of games from the new raft of competitors, they turned to branding.

Their game plan was to allow each game to retain its unique personality but to join them all under one brand umbrella, so all would be endorsed by the time-honored national lottery.

The lottery knew it needed a unique musical identity system to distinguish itself from the Johnnies-come-lately. It would have to deliver the promise of fun and optimism and underscore the brand’s integrity and honesty.

A big job for a small logo

The most-heard aspect of the brand would be the Audio Logo. Could this 2.5-second composition balance fun and integrity? Do those values clash? Does “honesty” require a certain solemnity?

Before launch they tested the new audio logo. To everyone’s delight it scored an excellent 5.8 out of 7.0 in expressing “positive and optimistic” as well as 5.3 out of 7.0 in being “honest” – proving you could capture a lighthearted matter and a serious one within one pithy sound.

The logo also scored in the “excellent” range in conveying a sense of humor. Don’t those sound like the qualities you’d want in your best friend?

FDJ’s audio logo now more recognized than McDonald’s sonic signature

With this newfound confidence, the brand introduced its new musical identity. AND not being big gamblers themselves, they tested it after one year. They found the brand’s audio logo had gained 78% recognition and 3% spontaneous attribution (1% is normal after a year).

So they stuck with it and, recently, tested it again. This time they found that the recognition had grown to 84% (McDonald’s famous audio signature came in at 33%) and spontaneous attribution had climbed to 13%.

Business is whistling a happy tune

So how’s the business doing, given the influx of competition as well as a stagnant economy. Well, in 2016, France’s economy grew by 1.1% but FDJ’s revenues grew by 4.6%. Music to the client’s ears.


Hear the FDJ Audio DNA


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