How Values Get Translated Into Sounds

Try the Sixième Son Meaning Match-Up 

See if you can match the sounds to the meanings in the audio logos below.

Example: Which brand’s tagline is “A Passion For Life?” / Which is “Sharing Smiles?”

Answer: “A Passion For Life,” Renault Audio Logo (1); “Sharing Smiles,” Bel Cheeses Audio Logo (2)


Now it’s your turn … 


A. Do-It-Yourself Ease, Catorama Audio Logo (1); Glittering Luxury, Cartier Audio Logo (2)

B. Vibrant City, Atlanta Audio Logo (1); The Bond Between Mother & Child, Huggies Audio Logo (2)

C. Confident Driving, Michelin Audio Logo (1); Delicate Skin, La Roche Posay Audio Logo (2)


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