SNCF, an audio identity that has become
the sound of France itself.

Hear the SNCF audio identity


When the French National Rail System was about to be opened up to competition, SNCF took on the challenge with a breakthrough approach. It brought depth and personality to the brand territory and unified all its products and services under one brand umbrella.

The strategic evolution pushed SNCF to reaffirm its leadership and communicate its values: service, proximity, and welcome. To help realize this unique vision, SNCF created an audio identity. Since then, the well-loved music has been updated to reflect changing industry challenges, once in 2008 and again in 2012.


The audio identity allows SNCF to convey its leadership position and “mobility with a human face.” While the ideas of mobility and innovation are heard in the powerful rhythm, the voice expresses to the softer feeling of being close to and serving passengers.

The signature sound heard in train stations and when aboard the train is iconic.


Research shows that SNCF has greatly benefitted from its audio identity with an increase in recognition (98%), attribution and approval (94%), and a strong connection to the brand, both in France and abroad.

The study done by GMV also noted that 81% of the audience is attached, or very attached, to the audio logo. Today, the music has been adapted to more than 120 communciation touchpoints – and is heard throughout the world via movies shot in France.

“For me, the most positive outcome has been, without a doubt, the power of what we’ve created together.”

Today, with only four notes, everyone in France recognizes SNCF – as well as many people outside of France – and has thus created a loyal relationship lasting 10 years. A long history, indeed.

Patrick Ropert
Managing Director, Station & Connections, SNCF

Hear the SNCF audio identity

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