The French Open creates its own audio universe,
a first in the world of sports.

Hear the Roland Garros audio identity


Until recently, the music used at Roland-Garros didn’t provide the mythical stature that the French Tennis Federation wished to achieve.

Their goal was to amplify and prolong the magic of the French Open and to enrich its emotional world so that its grandeur was felt by everyone: players, spectators, announcers and the media all over the world.


The audio identity, now the true anthem of the tournament, translated several sources of inspiration.

The uniqueness of the court’s playing surface and the French Open’s Latin roots inspired a warm texture and a rhythm closely related to the tango.

The values of tennis: surpassing yourself, passion and competition as well as the heroism associated with tournaments is heard in the dynamic and epic musical elements. All combined, the theme is tremendously uplifting.


Deployed in over 50 ways throughout the venue and the event, the music is also heard around the world in all French Open television broadcasts.

By the end of the tournament, the music had moved everyone, including the tearful winner, Rafael Nadal.

“Above all, this audio identity was a true team effort that brought out a strong internal collaboration.”

It has also given us great pride to be the first in the world of sporting brands to create an audio tool as powerful as our voice- it gives body to our brand image and values.

Director of Marketing and Communication, FFT

Hear the Roland Garros audio identity

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