The Peugeot audio identity sets a new standard
for the industry.

Hear the Peugeot audio identity


Auto industry brands rank among the world’s most colossal marketers. Many automotive brands have audio identities rooted in the sounds of cars and engines. Peugeot felt they could break from the time-worn sounds of the category.

They decided to build a musical territory that would reaffirm the brand’s move upmarket and bring depth to their tagline, “Motion & Emotion”. The Peugeot audio identity completely breaks with existing audio codes and gives the Peugeot brand new emotional power.


The musical composition creates a very surprising musical alchemy : at once simple and mysterious, both deep and light. Piano guides the main melody and is accompanied by noble instruments like the cello.

The melody’s crystalline clarity illustrates the uncompromising standards of the brand. The futuristic sound design and the rhythm section convey the concepts of movement and modernity. The airy female voice, reinforces the emotion and reflects sensuality and driving pleasure.


The Peugeot audio identity and signature have quickly achieved dramatic results. In two detailed international studies, the research firm, Taylor Nelson Sofres found that the audio identity had attained 64% recognition and had improved brand perception by 33% among the respondents. The brand has grown in impact and persuasive ability across the world.

The coherent audio identity system weaves together all media (advertising, sales outlets, telephone, web) and all countries.

This audio identity was voted one of the year’s Best Audio Branding cases by the international jury of the Audio Branding Academy held in Moscow in November 2013.

“With this audio identity program, Peugeot puts its DNA into music.”

With modernity and elegance, this music carries the brand vision: always keeping emotion at the heart of the automotive experience. This distinctive sound identity breaks with traditional automotive audio codes and has allowed Peugeot to significantly increase the impact of its communication and effectiveness of its elements.

Stéphane Lévi
Advertising and Brand Image, Peugeot

Hear the Peugeot audio identity

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