The rich and elegant audio identity of the top Paris airports infuses the daily experience for travelers.

hear the Paris Aéroport audio identity


The Paris airports needed an audio DNA that brought together dreams, pleasure, movement and Parisian flair with the spirit of and the daily constraints of an international airport.


Paris Aéroport has an audio DNA that communicates the luxurious, magical and enchanting personality of Paris, destined to be heard by 95 millions passengers in transit.

Audio guidelines have been designed for each touchpoint. Specific music has been designed  to introduce announcements and to play in the terminals, boarding gates, in the corridors and restrooms, on the phone, for events, even the parking lots.


The spaces using the sound design influenced the traveler’s experience in many positive ways: lower perceived wait times, more enjoyable waiting areas and corridors and a greater sense of security.

HEAR the Paris Aéroport audio identity

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