Michelin, an audio identity to match the brand’s
global stature.

Hear the Michelin audio identity


Michelin is a strong, historic brand with a now-iconic logo. Its audio communication needed to be equally powerful and effective. As a global brand, its audio identity had to ensure consistency and effectiveness of its communications across borders.


Today, Michelin’s music presents a modern and progressive brand that’s confidently committed to innovation. The assertive melody translates the concepts of mobility and performance that are at the core of the brand.

The memorable audio logo has become the true seal of recognition and the carrier of the Michelin brand values worldwide.


When previous music on TV commercials was replaced by Michelin’s audio identity, test scores jumped 18% on leadership and 12% on innovation. Adapted to all media and in all countries, this audio identity is also present on all Michelin advertising campaigns worldwide. Sixième Son now coordinates and supervises all Michelin’s audio communication around the world.

“For several years now, the Michelin audio identity has successfully differentiated the brand.”

The music reflects the Michelin spirit of innovation and achievement, while at the same time maintaining a feeling of closeness. It perfectly synthesizes the brand promise, offering each consumer a better way forward. Overall, the audio identity is an essential component in increasing the brand impact and ability to stand out.

Jean-Frédéric Douroux
Director of Communication & Michelin Group brands

Hear the Michelin audio identity

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