Huggies repositions its brand with heart-warming music built on a touching audio branding system adapted to four continents.

hear the Huggies audio identity


Huggies, a leading brand in baby care owned by Kimberly-Clark, had a new communication strategy. Their core goal was to communicate the special connection between mother and child. They needed to deliver the message clearly and make a consistent musical brand impression in over 150 countries.


Sixième Son worked closely with the brand team and Ogilvy to develop an audio identity that would work as a coherent but adaptable system, appropriate for all target audiences. The audio DNA features the interplay between the voices of mother and child and reflects the duality of the brand; a reassuring quality for newborns and an active quality for toddlers.


The audio identity has been quickly embraced by the markets and, within the first six months, was flexibly adapted to new campaigns in many countries including Russia, Argentina and the US.

“The Huggies audio brand brings an immediate smile to everyone who hears it.”

At first the creatives were skeptical of the idea of a global brand sound, but the music itself and the flexibility with which it can be applied won them over fast. Sixième Son brought a rigorous process to the creation, which helped align the stakeholders and arrive at an audio identity that will build the brand’s power for years to come.

Angela Johnson
Managing Director, Ogilvy

hear the Huggies audio identity

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