the mix between classical music and rock communicates the brand’s association with the world of culture, sports and emotion.

Hear the EpiqE audio identity.


EpiqE is a horse racing series that brings together the best in the sport. They wanted to strengthen their position in the marketplace and convey both the cultural and emotional dimension, unique to horse racing and the brand.


Sixième Son tailored an audio identity for EpiqE by creating and designing an audio DNA and a brand anthem. The classical notes are infused with electric-rock to communicate the modernity, confidence and power of the brand.


An audio DNA fit for every touchpoint: brand reveal, brand film, presentation of the jockeys, and the exciting entrance of the horses into the ring.

“Sixième Son, the industry standard.”

Samuel Loiseau
Customers & Marketing Director – PMU

Hear the EpiqE audio identity

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