New era. New energy. New sound. An innovative
future-oriented audio identity for enel/ENdesa.

Hear The Enel Audio Identity


As a culmination of the redesign of its brand platform, Enel, a multinational energy company and leading player in the world’s electricity and gas markets in over 30 countries across four continents, chose Sixième Son to create and develop its new audio identity.

The new audio identity needed to convey the idea of “Open Power” and represent a company ready to lead the energy transition.


The new sound identity is innovative and future-oriented, as well as narrative and emotional. It goes beyond the energy sector’s usual technical approach, to reflect the values ​​of the brand. It reveals the visionary, open and responsible character of Enel.

Transparent, agile, flexible and emotional, it transmits the brand’s commitment to innovation and also establishes a sense of leadership that empowers the community to participate in a more responsible and efficient future of energy.


Independent tests conducted by IFOP show that, thanks to the new audio identity both, Enel and Endesa appear more modern, open, positive, dynamic, warm, innovative and powerful and also more friendly and less authoritarian.

Hear The Enel Audio Identity

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