EDF, The sound of energy serving mankind.

Hear the EDF audio identity


The energy sector is fast-changing and EDF is at the top. In response to growing global competition, EDF sought an audio identity to embody its values. Committed to bringing solutions that serve humanity and respect the environment, the brand wanted to project its leadership as well as convey its optimistic, humanistic and progressive vision.


The EDF audio identity needed to capture the idea of turning a new page in the relationship between energy and humanity. Today, the EDF audio identity conveys a forward-looking perspective as the rhythm builds and progresses. There’s a lively interplay of sounds that convey the technical aspects of the business while the human aspects are conveyed by voices of men, women and children.


This audio identity had become a strong reference point in the energy sector, especially since the brand sponsored the London Olympics in 2012. EDF has integrated its musical universe throughout a diverse number of touchpoints: telephone service lines, multimedia, events, radio, internet and internal videos.

EDF has integrated the music to support international development. Winner of the Stratégies Grand Prix Design for Musical Design, the audio identity is a widely used and powerful tool for the brand.

Hear the EDF audio identity

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