Castorama makes DIY home improvement enjoyable for everyone.

Hear the Castorama audio identity


For the past 50 years, Castorama has been the French leader in do-it-yourself home improvement. It is one of the most well known brands in France, bringing a more feminine, enjoyable, accessible and simple approach to home improvement than its competitors.


Playful and accessible to all, the audio identity conveys the brand image: the voices are both men and women, everyday people who find pleasure in do-it-yourself projects. The pop rock style brings a fresh, modern feel to the brand.
The strong rhythm and full guitar sound give the music power. Castorama effectively communicates its open and likeable style of leadership.


The audio identity has resulted in a 30% increase in Impact, memorability and recognition. It is among the top 10 most recognizable audio logos in France. Employees have embraced it, too. In 2013, all Castorama employees sang their holiday wishes to the melody of the audio brand.

“The audio identity for Castorama is an undeniably useful asset to the brand.”

Beyond attritubtion ratings, it facilitates the understanding of our philosophy and attitude– positive, optimistic, open to all. It’s a key element in building affection and customer loyalty for the brand.

The system that we’ve designed around the audio identity creates coherence across all communication touchpoints, improving their performance and allowing us to stand out. Our audio logo has become one of the top 10 most recognized among brands – an opportunity that we hope we can rely on for a long time.

Guillaume Dumarché
Director, Image & Communication Strategy, Castorama, France

Hear the Castorama audio identity

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