AXA deploys music as an essential tool to guarantee the success of the brand’s repositioning.

hear the AXA audio identity


In 2007, AXA decided to establish a new, bold brand position. They wanted to be known as the forward-looking leaders in the insurance sector by “Redefining Standards” of excellence. AXA needed a powerful and distinct musical experience to convey its aspirations.


AXA marked its leading position with a distinctive audio logo with a uniquely authoritative voice. After all markets adopted the audio logo and endframe, AXA added a total brand experience to TV spots.

A turnkey tool was created: a musical library designed to be adapted to various storylines and convey different moods. The music library provided a collection of music beds to set up problems and to suggest solutions. Then the agency teams could mix and match combinations to fit the emotions of the TV spots.


Since its audio launch, over 100 campaigns across the world have used the music library. A variety of adaptations have been created for the brand, contributing to the complete, coherent and consistent brand universe across all touchpoints.

hear the AXA audio identity

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