Atlanta adopts an audio identity that captures its standing as the “capital of the south.”

Hear the Atlanta audio identity


Atlanta is a progressive and open-minded oasis in the south. Part of its branding challenge is that it’s often perceived as the traditional south.

The Atlanta Convention & Tourism Bureau sought to attract conventions and to bring in more tourist business, including young professionals and families. They decided to communicate their brand values through a unique audio identity.


The city’s custom-tailored audio identity is rooted in the city’s rich musical heritage and includes cheerful vocals. It distinguishes Atlanta by conveying the city’s warmth and hospitality along with its authority and dynamism.

Its unique sounds and rhythms tell the story of eclecticism and capacity to surprise.


The ACVB audio brand has proven extremely adaptable. It has been widely used in the B2B context, including in convention booths and in videos to be used by convention planners to encourage attendance. A glittering version has been adapted to underscore the more fabulous delights Atlanta’s chic, upscale neighborhood, Buckhead.

And in early 2015, it was deployed in six different culturally adapted scores to support foreign language videos in Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German and British English. This videos are now used in the baggage claim area in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson international terminal.

“Audio branding is as cathartic and rigorous process as any visual branding exercise, if not more SO.”

You have to dig deep into understanding the core values of the brand and the target audience or consumers. You have to make choices, your brand can’t be all things to all people and the process brings clarity to that truth.

Andrew Wilson
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Hear the Atlanta audio identity

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