Music transcends boundaries as a universally understood language.

Laurent Cochini, Managing Director

Music transcends boundaries as a universally understood language. At a time where brands are globally recognised, music transmits those emotions.

Music is a universally understood language

As a musician, Laurent spent several years on tour with different bands. He graduated from EHESS, after sending several months in South Africa, he chose to infuse his artistic ways with his corporate mindset.

He joins Sixieme Son in 2008 as a Project Manager, then gets promoted to a Strategy Director as a brand consultant for sonic branding. In 2016 the agency experienced an exponential growth in France and internationally, when he is then promoted to Managing Director. To tackle sonic identities, vocals, HMI, sonic production, environmental sound design projects.

Marseille is the core of his inspiration

I was born and raised here; I spent 24 years of my life in this city. I learned a lot of what I know here. Many aspects of the city inspired me like the cultural diversity, life of the city, and overall the social and musical fusion. For example, I discovered Cape Verde music. From the little Goudes harbour to the Julien, my upbringing here formed the cheerful person I am today and that’s mainly what I remember.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Laurent is a soccer fan, not just a fan of any team, Marseille’s team of course. He brings the soccer teamwork mentality from the field to the workplace.

For all Marseillais, soccer represents collective teamwork. I think there is a common theme in soccer … The thought of winning together but also loosing together, speaks to me and corresponds to the day to day reality of Sixieme Son.



Gold Transform Award for Tegna


100% at the Grand Prize of Strategy Design.


Creation of the Carrefour, Wiko and Huggies sonic identities


Grand Prize Design Strategy


Gold Transform Award for Huggies


Opening of New York City office


Medal For The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And International Development