Coca Cola

Coca Cola

Before and after results; a measurable improvement


Just days before the scheduled launch of the new global TVC, open-happiness, the brand team saw that the
TVC tested very badly against KPIs, outside of the US market. Overall, it seems audiences were having
trouble understanding the message and thus lost their attention.


Sonic identity

After analyzing the TVC with the original music, it was clear to our team that the music was not working to
support the scenario. There is a clear improvement from the before to the after.


The music that Sixième Son composed:
– Supported the experience outside and inside the vending machine.
– Clarified the differene between the sleepy world and their dynamic awakening.
– Introduced a clear brand theme, via the whistle, that was woven throughout the composition and clearly heard at
the end to establish the sound of « Open Happiness »