Music Designer

Job Description

Due to a recent increase in creative production, mostly driven by international projects, Sixième Son is looking to hire a new Music Designer to join our creative team. This role will be under the supervision of our two Artistic Directors, and located at our office in Paris 5.


Onboarding will consist of an overview of the company, our approach to sonic branding and our strategic methodology. Subsequently, the new Designer will be involved in creative projects related to sonic branding such as: the creation of sonic identities, sonic logos, and the development of custom music scores for advertising/digital applications. The following creative skills and talent are required to support this role:

  • A diverse knowledge of, and the ability to compose in, different musical styles/genres (from
    baroque, to techno, to jazz, etc.). You must also be able to compose via computer software
    programs (Cubase).
  • A profound musical background and education, with a true passion to be creative with sound
    and music.
  • Eagerness to work with a dynamic, demanding and diverse team that specializes in designing sonic identities and strategies for brands (not for commercial or entertainment purposes).
  • Past experience working / composing music for brands.
  • English native speaker, or at a minimum, bilingual.
  • Bonus: you specialize in a specific musical instrument (piano, guitar, horns, etc.).

Salary based on profile + lunch card (9€ / day) + 50% reimbursement on monthly transport

    About Us

    A global sonic branding agency that creates high-performing, long-lasting sonic and musical solutions. From tailor-made audio identities, to the design of sonic interfaces for human-machine technology, to the creation of soundscapes for environmental brand experiences, we help build more successful brands. Founded in 1995 in Paris, and established offices in the US in 2012. Sixième Son has created over 400 sonic branding systems across the world for ambitious B2B, B2C and retail brands. Our goal is to increase brand value by creating bespoke sonic identities that are memorable, differentiating, attention grabbing, and convey brand values. Offices include Paris,
    Chicago, New York, Toronto, Barcelona, Moscow, Sydney and Singapore.

    Interested candidates should send a resume + cover letter + demo / portfolio to or on Welcome to the Jungle, before January 14 th 2022. If your application is selected in the first round, you will then be asked to work on a case study.