Over the past 10 years we have developed workshops for our clients to explore the topics of audio branding, audio identity and using music to create value in communication. Due to their success, we created the Workshops by Sixième Son and want to share them with marketing and communication professionals who are looking to enrich their audio branding initiatives.


If interested in taking part in a workshop, please contact us. Whether you join us at the Sixième Son office or we bring the workshop to you, we look forward to sharing our expertise and vision. Choose from the following topics:


Workshop 1: The Audio Identity: Why is it Necessary? How does one Implement?


Certain brands have made their audio identity a central communication tool and as a result, this musical expression has given them a strong influence in the market. It’s an initiative that creates value for the brand…if done well. So what are the questions to ask? What music will make a strong audio identity? What is the best method that will make an audio identity a successful leading tool?


Workshop 2: Retail Sound Design as a Point of Sale: Key Factors of Success


Using retail sound design as a point of sale is a true revolution and has been shown to increase sales. This is thanks to advancements in technology, expectation, a more demanding consumer and the increasing retail theatre. How does one create a differentiating sound that creates loyalty and adds more value to the brand? What should be budgeted for a sound?


Workshop 3: The International Brand: How to Manage an Image Across Borders ?


Many brands wonder what is necessary to change when marketing across cultures. To what extend do they need to modify their musical expression for foreign markets ? How do they anticipate the altered perception of music in relation to other cultural codes? Finally, how can they be sure to have a good understanding of their audio identity, knowing that the cultural dimension influences this perception?


Workshop 4: Music in Television: What is Really Creating Value?


Choosing music for a public campaign can prove to be a true headache, so what is the best method to follow? What questions should be considered to make the best decisions? How does a brand evaluate these questions? What traps should be avoided?


Workshop 5: Internal Communication: Music and Audio Identity are Coordinating Tools


A brand only creates as much value as the employees endorse. How does an audio identity internally help explain and transmit the brand’s values to employees and create a feeling of membership?


Workshop 6: Finding an Audio DNA: Being True and Reasonable in Musical Expression


If a strategy for musical expression has not been defined, then a brand may not have a clear direction throughout all outlets of communication. How does a brand create a common theme in communication? What makes music coherent or incoherent for a brand?


Workshop 7: Sound on the Radio: Understanding the New Challenges and Benefitting


The radio is a complex form of media, some even call it ungrateful. A campaign can be easily overlooked if it is badly produced and not augmented by the sound. What sound formula will emerge with a strong, awarding impact and accurately reflect the brand’s image?


Workshop 8: Evaluating Audio Communication, the Audio Identity Plan and Improving Performance


It is essential for a brand to have an audio identity in order to establish territory. However, an audio identity must be true and accurately reflect values. How does a brand measure the efficiency of audio communication? What methods will improve audio performance?


To register or for more information, contact us by filling out the form or by email at lesateliers@sixiemeson.com

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